Barbie I Can Be - A Sea World Trainer (African-American)

Girls of all colors can learn about and practice marine animal training with baby Shamu and...

$99.99 as at 02:06 UTC. (Details)
Barbie I Can Be: SeaWorld Trainer Doll Play Set

Barbie doll has so many careers! Learn about and practice marine animal training with baby Shamu??, a dolphin and a seal - then put on a show with the SeaWorld?? playset! Includes a pool where Shamu?? and the dolphin can splash in the water, plus...

$69.96 as at 07:51 UTC. (Details)
Playmobil Zoo Dolphin Basin

Swim with the Dolphins! Includes a Dolphin Pool that can be filled with water, seating area for the crowd, and a 360 turning crane. Includes two dolphins that float, four figures, cash register, bucket of fish, seagull, and many other...

$199.98 as at 02:06 UTC. (Details)
72 Dolphin Tattoos

72 ~ Dolphin Temporary Tattoos ~ approx. 1.5" ~ New / Individually Packaged.72 ~ Dolphin Temporary Tattoos ~ approx. 1.5" ~ New / Individually...

$4.99 as at 02:06 UTC. (Details)
Plush Super-Soft Travel Neck Pillow - Dolphin

Bring a smile to your child's face the next time you travel with a plush super-soft neck pillow. These adorable critters are sure to become your child's favorite nap time buddy and your go to travel accessory when you take to the road. Made from a...

$10.31 as at 07:51 UTC. (Details)
Ty Beanie Boos Sparkles the Pink Dolphin Plush

Complete your collection with this adorable addition to the popular Ty Beanie Boo animals! I am a dolphin you cant see, jump in the water and swim with me!Ty Beanie Boos Sparkles the Pink Dolphin...

$3.13 as at 01:55 UTC. (Details)
Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer: Bathtime Lifeguard Dora

Join Dora for a magical bathtime adventure! Simply use warm water to change the color of Dora’s barrette and the lifeguard sign on her bathing suit! Dora features poseable arms and legs and also comes with a dolphin-shaped water scooper!Make...

$3.29 as at 02:06 UTC. (Details)
Aurora World Pink Shell Fancy Pals Pet Carrier Purse

Dolphin Pink Shell Pet Carrier Purse is from Aurora which is the leading supplier of affordable, high quality gift products. Since its establishment in 1981, the company has ascended to become a respected leader in the character & contents...

$13.64 as at 01:55 UTC. (Details)
White Mountain Puzzles Something Fishy - 550 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

All the splendor of the wildlife around a coral reef was captured here by Artist Howard...

$46.99 as at 02:06 UTC. (Details)
Cute Rubber Bathtub LED Flashing Blue Dolphin Light Bath Toy For Baby Kids

Rubber Bathtub LED Flashing Dolphin Light Bath Toy For Baby Kids. Features:Dolphin waterproof sensorThe bottom two metal trigger point. As long as one into the water or touch the bottom,the Dolphin will sense light. Dolphin Waterproof...

$2.98 as at 07:10 UTC. (Details)
D&D Distributing Dolphin Floatie Family

There is nothing cuter than a rubber Dolphin AND its family! These floatie families are the perfect addition to any pool, bathtub or spa!.Includes mama and her two...

$5.95 as at 08:46 UTC. (Details)
3dRose db_24729_2 I Love Dolphins Purple-Memory Book, 12 by 12-Inch

I Love Dolphins Purple Drawing Book is a great way to start sketching, drawing, designing, scrapbooking, or just jotting down your thoughts. This unique spiral bound hard covered book includes acid free bright white paper and features twin loop wire...

$20.99 as at 08:46 UTC. (Details)
Whales & Dolphins Playing Cards

Fantastic deck with 54 images of your favorite Whales, Dolphins and other Ocean mammals.Fantastic Standard Playing Card Deck Featuring 54 unique...

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Ariel's Storyteller Doll

Delight your child with this enchanting, Ariel doll. Featuring gorgeous red hair and big, beautiful eyes, she comes with a beautiful, 2-toned, shiny pink dress. Accessories include an ocean-themed hairbrush, golden crown and shoes. Ariel is...

$9.99 as at 10:34 UTC. (Details)
The Orb Factory Limited Sticky Mosaics Dolphins

4 beautiful templates in each kit. Over 2200 sticky sparkling tiles & shiny jewels in each kit NEW! Peel, stick and follow the numbers to make your colorful adventure sparkle! 4 cute tropical friends - pictures is shaped like the tropical animal.4...

$13.77 as at 17:30 UTC. (Details)
My Little Pony Mermaid Dolphin Carriage

This is your last chance to get your little dolphin lover a great gift and this might be it, My Little Pony Mermaid Dolphin Carriage. Whenever the ponies visit the sea, they magically become beautiful mermaids. Join them as they have waves of fun...

$39.99 as at 08:46 UTC. (Details)
TY Beanie Babies - Echo the Dolphin

Mint condition. All tags in mint condition and in place. No marks no wear she has never been played with. Comes to you from a smoke free environment.Echo the Dolphin. A perfect Stocking Stuffer. Order...

$3.00 as at 08:46 UTC. (Details)
Glitter Tattoos Dolphins (Dover Tattoos)

It's a natural attraction! Children love dolphins because they're some of the friendliest — and smartest — creatures in the sea. So this glittery collection of six easy-on, easy-off tattoos is sure to make kids smile. Decorate arms or legs with...

$0.01 as at 10:34 UTC. (Details)
Aurora World 10" Dolphin Puppet

Aurora is the leading supplier of affordable, high quality gift products. Since its establishment in 1981, the company has ascended to become a respected leader in the character & contents industry.Fun and...

$8.00 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Animal Planet Bubble Blower Set, Dolphin

Animal planet dolphin bubble blower set place one bubble blowing tablet in one cup full of warm bath water, stir to dissolve and make your own bubble solution. The dip the dolphin blower in the mixture and blow giant bubbles in your bath. A fun 10...

$6.99 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Barbie I Can Be Lifeguard Playset

Barbie I Can Be Lifeguard with Dolphin Play set Barbie I Can Be Lifeguard with Dolphin Play set puts kids into the middle of the action. Kids can play out the role of a lifeguard. In addition, they gain access to online content. The lifeguard...

$23.99 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Barbie I Can Be... Dolphin Trainer

Play out your dreams of becoming a dolphin trainer with the Barbie trainer doll. You can even go online to further explore this dream job! There's a code inside each set which unlocks career themed content online. This lets you have fun while...

$69.99 as at 09:30 UTC. (Details)
DOLPHIN 4 pc Bathtub Family - Floating Fun!

Our bath families & bathtub machines are floating fun for bathtubs, pools, spas, hot tubs, the lake, the ocean - wherever you want to have some floating fun in the water! You get FOUR pieces - the large piece and then 3 minis that fit inside the big...

$5.95 as at 08:46 UTC. (Details)
Petz Wild Animals Dolphinz

This game allows players to run their own aquatic park and take care of endangered animals like dolphins, penguins and whales. Not only will players take care of these animals, but learn about them at the same time. Features: Train your animals...

$17.57 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Skullduggery Eyewitness Kit Dophin

Learn while having fun Learn about dolphins and their environment Display your creation Comes with molds, casting material, paints, paint brush, glue, magnets and educational material Recommended age range from 6 years and...

$12.49 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Melissa & Doug Princess Soft Toys Skimmer Dolphin

Melissa & Doug Skimmer Dolphin Skimmer will dive into your heart with a big smile! Ideal for hugging, with a slightly weighted bottom, this creature from the deep strikes a favorite pose. Covered with soft, suede-like plush, this beautiful...

$9.45 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Fisher Price Little People Dolphin Show

Fisher Price Little...

$12.99 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
IMAX: Oceans Collection (The Living Sea/Coral Reef Adventure/Volcanoes of the Deep Sea/Dolphins/Island of the Sharks)

Get ready for an underwater paradise with five outstanding IMAX DVD s in one pack. The Living Sea takes you to the world's oceans, traveling to Palau, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Alaska, Nova Scotia and the Red Sea. Explore the mysterious depths...

$299.99 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Jean-Michel Cousteau's Film Trilogy (Dolphins & Whales/Sharks/Ocean Wonderland Blu-ray 3D Blu-ray)

Jean-Michel Cousteau's Film Trilogy (Dolphins Whales/Sharks/Ocean Wonderland Blu-ray 3D Blu-ray) NewBlu-ray...

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IMAX: Dolphins

Plunge into the realm of wild dolphins in this great adventure film MacGillivray Freeman Films, producers of the large-format films "Beavers" and "The Living Sea." In "Dolphins," you'll experience the warm, white sand banks of the Bahamas where the...

$18.99 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Flipper The Ne Adventures Complete Season 4

This revival series takes place in and around the Bal Harbour Institute, a marine mammal research facility set in the beautiful Florida Keys, where groundbreaking studies are being conducted on dolphin behavior. The Institute and the new Monroe...

$3.76 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Flipper The New Adventures- Season 1

Brian Wimmer, Colleen Flynn, Haas Payton, Jessica Alba - The new weekly series takes place in and around Bal Harbor Institute, a marine mammal research facility set in the beautiful Florida Keys, where ground-breaking studies are being conducted on...

$52.47 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Family (Lassie Come Home / Flipper 1963 / The Incredible Mr. Limpet / National Velvet)

THE INCREDIBLE MR. LIMPET A mild-mannered bookkeeper who longs to serve his country gets his wish – when he turns into a fish – and becomes the U.S. Navy’s new secret weapon. Don Knotts plays one of his best-loved roles in this delightful and...

$4.49 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Flipper: Best of Season 2 (Jessica Alba, Laura Donaldson)

Based off the original series "Flipper", a group of scientists working at a marine study center are visited by a dolphin and they find themselves thrown into a series of adventures. Don't miss out on this classic collection of our favorite episodes...

$4.99 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Flipper The Original Series Season 2

Brian Kelly, Luke Halpin, Tommy Norden - A friendly dolphin named Flipper is the family pet of a Florida marine park ranger and his two sons Sandy and Bud. Every week Sandy and Bud have adventures in and out of the water with the brave, resourceful...

$52.47 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Flipper The New Adventures Complete Season 2

This revival television series takes place in and around the Bal Harbour Institute, a marine research facility set in the beautiful Florida Keys, where groundbreaking studies are being conducted on dolphin behavior. The institute and the new Monroe...

$5.69 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)


$2.99 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Flipper / Flipper's New Adventure

The dolphin named Flipper swam into the world's awareness in this 1963 film about 12-year-old Sandy (Luke Halpin, a star in the 1964-'68 Flipper TV series) and the sea mammal he rescues and befriends. Chuck Connors (TV's The Rifleman) also stars in...

$3.44 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Flipper - The Original Series, Season 1

They call him Flipper, Flipper, King of the Sea… Now for the first time, he's on DVD! Plunge into an undersea world of fun and excitement with Flipper and his pals Bud and Sandy Ricks, and their dad Porter, the chief ranger at Florida's Coral Key...

$21.86 as at 02:07 UTC. (Details)

Dive into adventure in the sun-drenched Florida Keys with Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood as they have the time of their lives in this action-packed family favorite. When Sandy Ricks (Wood) is sent to Coral Key to stay with his salty Uncle Porter (Hogan)...

$2.07 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Baby Genius - Underwater Adventures [VHS]

Enjoy exotic underwater sea life with babygenius. In this exciting adventure, your child will experience colorful underwater worlds filled with all kinds of aquatic animals like dolphins, sea lions and manta rays! Your little deep-sea diver will be...

$9.41 as at 09:30 UTC. (Details)
20 Years with the Dolphins

Follow Hardy Jones and Julia Whitty as they swim with dolphins off the coast of the Bahamas! Studying marine life behavior for over twenty years, their scientific research has now spread worldwide. Join them as they reunite with their old pod and...

$4.01 as at 09:30 UTC. (Details)
Dolphin (I Can Read Book 3)

This is the story of the first six months in the life of a baby bottle-nosed dolphin. You will see what dolphins eat, and how they protect themselves from sharks, killer whales, and other enemies. Learn about these intelligent mammals who live under...

$0.01 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Into the Blue (Dolphin Diaries #1)

Dolphin Diaries is an exciting new series that explores all aspects of dolphins' relationships with mankind. Jody McGrath and her family are sailing around the world researching dolphins, and Jody records all their exciting adventures in her...

$1.28 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Adventures with Scarlet the Dolphin: Green Sea Turtles

For ages 3-9. Hailey is an 8-year-old girl who lives on the beach and her best friend is Scarlet, who happens to be a dolphin. Scarlet takes Hailey on a new adventure every day and teaches her all about life in the ocean. On this adventure, Scarlet...

$7.55 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)

Great pictures and the book depcits many types of dolphins, their life cycle, etc. The cutest pictures are the mom and bany dolphin and my kids got a big kick out of the article on its beak and the number of teeth it has. The kids will love...

$11.83 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
The Rescue Princesses #2: Wishing Pearl

These are no ordinary princesses . . . they're Rescue Princesses! Princess Clarabel loves being a Rescue Princess. She and her friends are committed to saving animals in trouble-wherever they may be! When Clarabel finds an injured dolphin...

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Winter's Tail: How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again

The story that inspired the new MAJOR MOTION PICTURE! When Winter was a baby, she was rescued from a crab trap, her tail seriously damaged, and rushed to Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Winter survived, but eventually her tail fell off. Then Winter...

$2.65 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Dolphin Tale: The Junior Novel

Based on the heartwarming 3-D movie premiering September 16, 2011! When a dolphin named Winter loses her tail in a crab trap, it’s up to a young boy named Sawyer and the staff at Clearwater Marine Aquarium to help her survive against the odds....

$2.99 as at 08:47 UTC. (Details)
Everything Dolphin: What Kids Really Want to Know about Dolphins (Kids Faqs)

Dolphins captivate us with their intelligence, their chattering and their amazing jumping! These truly cool animals are the latest focus in the popular Kids' FAQs(tm) series, based on real questions from real kids. In addition to providing basic...

$5.60 as at 05:45 UTC. (Details)
Princess Lily Rose Mermaid and Baby Dolphin Aquarius

She lives in a magical world under the sea. She and her princess dolphin friend, Aquarius,TM love to splash in the water, ride the waves, and search for pretty seashells! Doll and outfit include a baby dolphin.Includes baby...

$39.97 as at 10:02 UTC. (Details)
Barbie SPLASH 'N SPRAY WATER PARK Bath Playset w Mini Mermaid, Dolphin Friend & MORE! (2010)

Barbie Splash 'n Spray Water Park Playset is a 2010 Mattel production. For Ages 3+ Years. FEATURES: Splash 'n Spray Water Park has Slide that Turns, a Plunge Pool, Fountain that Floats & Sprays Water when you squeeze Sea Shell Pump (attached to...

$148.99 as at 08:19 UTC. (Details)
RoomMates YH1312M Mermaid Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Kids love to personalize their bedrooms with wall stickers. Have more fun and go beyond paint and wall-hangings with kids room themes from our Peel and Stick Applique Collection. Choose from classic design themes for boys rooms, like extreme sports...

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The Dolphin And The Mermaid (Children's Bedtime Stories)

The story of a dolphin and mermaid who, because of their friendship, avoid a dangerous...

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Mermaid Barbie Adventure

In Barbie Mermaid Adventure, kids will travel with Barbie and her seahorse friend Samika, for a journey of great fantasy and adventure!Join Mermaid Barbie on an amazing underwater...

$19.79 as at 10:02 UTC. (Details)
StencilEyes - Fanta-Sea - Mermaid/Dolphin Face Design Stencil

Face painting made easy with - StencilEyes. Produce professional looking face paint designs with ease using StencilEyes, the original face painting stencils. Start earning big money right away and without having to spend years in training. These .10...

$20.00 as at 10:03 UTC. (Details)
Undersea World with Blue Whale/Submarine/Clown Fish/Dolphin/Mermaid/Coral Reef Wall Decals

The undersea world removable wall decals can bring vibrant energy and brighten any bathrooms, kitchens and rooms for kids/babies and those young at heart. No water, no mess. Just peel and stick for an instant update in minutes!Includes blue whale,...

$5.90 as at 10:03 UTC. (Details)
Barbie Swim'n Dance Mermaid w/Dolphins Pink/Orange

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale Swim 'N Dance Mermaid Doll: From the movie, Barbie in A Mermaid Tale. Swim 'n Dance Mermaids love to play in the water. Wind their tails and watch as these gorgeous mermaids swim, spin and dance through the water. To make...

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Magic School Bus Whales And Dolphins [Old Version]

Have a whale of a time with Ms. Frizzle and her class as you join them on a field trip to the Pacific Ocean. With The Magic School Bus Whales & Dolphins Activity Center, kids ages 6 to 10 experience whales and dolphins up close and personal, and...

$14.59 as at 02:07 UTC. (Details)
Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future

Ecco, the bottlenose star of a nearly forgotten side-scrolling adventure on the retired Sega Genesis, has made it to the Dreamcast in Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, and this time he's a 3-D dolphin in a hyperrealistic underwater world....

$36.95 as at 10:02 UTC. (Details)